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Smashed Display: What to do about a cracked screen TV


Does your TV look like this?



Lines might appear on a TVís display for several reasons. Problems with a cable box or Blu Ray connected to the TV might make odd lines appear on the TV. Sometimes a factory defect in a TV can caused an entire row pixels to fail on the display. These kind of problems are defective display not caused by physical damage.



Physical damage to the display could caused because the TV fell down or a baby  threw the remote and  might look similar to a line defect but there are usually a couple of tell-tale signs indicating the problem. These lines can be diagonal, curved, in a zig zag pattern, or the display might have a spiderweb shaped crack.




One important thing to note about TVs with this type of damage is the damage is usually behind the glass. The glass covering the display might be undamaged. It usually looks like the area behind the display is cracked.


    What Can You Do If Your TV Display Is Cracked?   

Nothing. This type of problem cannot be repaired. The TV is not fixable !!!

The only solution would be replacing the display panel but it accounts of the TVís original price. The cost of buying a new panel and having it installed on the TV could cost more than a new television.

Do you have any other questions about display problems, you can send us an email with a picture attached about image of your TV






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