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What's loaded on it? Much more than our competitors


Perfect Player APK Guide: IPTV Player for Android TV & Amazon Fire Perfect Player is our star app that nobody have it. This is where you can stream more that 1000 LIVE channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, ESPN, Fox Sports, CNN, ABC, UFC, WWE, NFL, NBA, Box, PPV Movies and so much more! (See the pictures) This app works 100% perfect with 1 Year Subscription included.
Mobdro is a free app for live TV. With his app you can also stream LIVE HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, ESPN, Fox Sports.
Kodi is the best media player that allows for addons to be loaded on it. We have loaded some great addons for you where you can get Unlimited Movies & TV Shows. "Exudus" is the best kodi addon for Movies and TV Shows.
Cinema is a media player that has 4K/1080P Movies and shows! This is the developers' choice to watch all of your movies and shows! None of our competitors load this addon since it takes extra time to program
Image result for catmouse Catmouse is another app to watch Unlimited Movies and TV Shows
Silk Browser is a web browser. Now you can turn your device into a computer and check your Twitter/Facebook feed.
Image result for youtube YouTube is a free video sharing app that makes easy to watch online videos.


Why Choose Us?

Quality: We load the best builds and the best apps. Our products have the most ADD-ons on the market. We want you to enjoy this product and use it for a long time. Our customers also receive their package within 2-3 days of purchasing. 

Price: It is a little bit more than competitors because our service include a special code that will upgrade the experience for the 1000 Live Channels & PPV. No other competitor can offer that. It's worth every penny.

Shipping: We will ship your order with USPS Priority Mail 2-3 days and provide you with a tracking number. Same day shipping.


How Perfect Player app works?




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